10 Facts about Morocco’s Solar Power Station

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From its astounding sheer size to the ingenious and innovative solar technology it employs, Morocco’s Solar Power Station is truly a marvel to behold.

Here are 10 particularly interesting facts about this colossal project:

# 1

When completed, Noor will be the largest solar plant in the world. It will cover an area the size of Morocco’s capital city Rabat.

# 2

The project is being built in three phases and consists of 4 parts; Noor 1, 2, 3 and 4. Noor 1, which was switched on in February of 2016, covers 450 hectares and can already be seen from space.

# 3

Noor 1 consists of 500,000 curved mirrors that reflect and concentrate sunlight onto a pipe filled with fluid. The sunlight heats up the fluid resulting in steam which is used to help spin nearby turbines — generating energy.

# 4

The station keeps on working past day light by using molten salt, which is used to retain and transport large amounts of heat. Currently the plant’s storage capacity is 3 hours, when finished, it will store energy for up to 8 hours.

# 5

The entire project is estimated to cost $9 billion.

# 6

When finished, the farm will generate 580 MW of electricity, that is enough to power one million homes with clean energy.

# 7

Noor has created thousands of job opportunities. The construction of Noor 1 alone provided some 2500 jobs, an currently employs some 500 people on a full time basis.

# 8

When fully operational, Noor will lower carbon emissions by an estimated 760.000 tons per year and decrease the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

# 9

Morocco is currently the largest energy importer in northern Africa. With Noor, Morocco hopes to become a renewable energy powerhouse and export energy to Europe.

# 10

There is something aesthetically pleasing about the design of Noor, especially when looked at from distance. Combining this with its functionality makes it a true masterpiece. It is kind of awesome to just look at!

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