Almost all of Cologne attackers are from Morocco and Algeria

Almost all of Cologne attackers are from Morocco and Algeria
Photo:Cologne attacks

The majority of the suspects involved in Cologne attacks come from Morocco and Algeria, according to the latest report by Germany’s Interior Ministry.  

In total 153 suspects have been identified in connection with attacks on women at New Year’s Eve celebrations in the German city. 103 of these suspects, according to the report, come from Morocco and Algeria.

The 2016 New Year’s Eve celebrations saw hundreds of reported sexual attacks, thefts, and at least five rapes in the city of Cologne. All of the incidents involved women being surrounded and assaulted by groups of migrant men, mainly from North Africa.

Similar attacks were reported in other German cities, and the investigation has gathered evidence that there were 1,527 criminal cases across Germany and at least 1,218 victims.

Around 10,000 Moroccans entered Germany in 2015 and only 3.7% were granted asylum, according to the German Office for Migration and Refugees.

Morocco has agreed to take back Moroccans whose applications were rejected.

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