Assassination attempt on Zakaria Moumni

Assassination attempt on Zakaria Moumni
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French-Moroccan, whose case drew international attention and caused a serious diplomatic meltdown between Rabat and Paris, is now claiming to have been attacked by “four Moroccan assassins”.

In a video, which was published to YouTube on June 18, Zakaria Moumni said he was attacked by four Moroccans, at least two were armed, one with a gun.

The alleged attack took place last Sunday, June 12, when Moumni was returning home from his morning jog.

According to Moumni, he was surrounded by four Moroccan men the moment he stepped into the lobby of his building.

Held at gunpoint, Moumni claims to have been asked by the men to proclaim “Long live the King”, “Long live Hammouchi”, and “Long live Majidi”, presumably before they take his life.

The entire incident was filmed by one of the men, according to Moumni.

The former kickboxer has somehow managed to escape, and has since filed a new complaint for “assassination attempt” in Nancy.

Abduction and torture

Zakaria Moumni says he was “abducted, confined and tortured” in Morocco in September 2010. In February 2014, he filed a complaint in France against Morocco’s secret services.

Morocco denied that Moumni was maltreated, and in response the Moroccan authorities sued him for defamation.

Last April, the ex-boxer claimed to have been threatened with death if he did not withdraw his complaints against the Moroccan secret services.

On June 9, a French court rejected Morocco’s defamation lawsuit against the dual national.

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