Belgium bans slaughter of animals for halal meat

Belgium bans slaughter of animals for halal meat
Photo:Esabela Bernal/ MWN

The Flanders region of Belgium brought in a ban on ritual slaughter of animals without stunning.

The resolution, passed by the parliament of Flanders last week, follows a similar resolution approved in May by the Walloon parliament in the south of the country.

Flanders and Walloon are home to over 10% of Belgium’s Muslim population of which Moroccans constitute the majority.

The threat of this ban, which affects both Muslims as well as Jews who slaughter animals in a similar way, has been circulating in Belgium and other European countries for many years.

The ban, which will take effect in 2019, is likely to affect other regions as they rely on slaughterhouses situated in the Flemish and Walloon regions, Belgian media said.

Both Muslim and Jewish communities in the country have denounced the new legislation and dubbed it a clear attack on the religious practices of Muslims and Jews.

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