British-Moroccans sit in against Ban Ki-moon’s ‘occupation’ remark

British-Moroccans sit in against Ban Ki-moon’s ‘occupation’ remark
The UN Secretary General at a press conference with Gordon Brown at the 2009 CHOGM, 28 November 2009; Crown copyright.10 Downing Street, Flickr

The Moroccan community in the UK gathered in London to demonstrate against the Secretary-General’s “verbal slippage”.

Yet another protest by Moroccans in the aftermath of Mr. Ban Ki-moon’s ‘occupation’ comment against Morocco.

After the protests in Morocco, the US and Sweden, a group of British Moroccans organised a sit-in in front of the British Parliament on Sunday. They came together to condemn the comments made by the man at the UN’s top job earlier this month.

The protesters came from all parts of the UK. They waved Moroccan flags, held the King’s Portraits, and chanted slogans against the remarks made by the UN chief during his recent visit to Tindouf camps.

British Moroccans constitute one of the largest population of British Arabs by country of birth. An estimated 80 thousand people of Moroccan origin are living in the UK.

In addition the 3 million people rally in Rabat, Moroccan communities in both the US and Sweden have also staged similar protests against Mr Ban Ki-moon’s comments.

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