Dutch Moroccans rally against terrorism

Dutch Moroccans rally against terrorism

An anti-terror demonstration was held by a number of Muslim and non-Muslim organisations in Amsterdam on Friday after a call by the Moroccan Council of Mosques in the Netherlands.

Hundreds of people gathered in a square in the centre of the Dutch capital for a rally against the recent attacks committed in the name of Islam, especially the attacks in Brussels, but also the attacks in Istanbul and Paris.

The Moroccan Council of Mosques in the Netherlands had called for this gathering following Tuesday’s deadly bomb attacks, and asked other religious groups to join forces with the initiative.

‘Jew, Muslim, Christian or person without religion; every person of good will has been hit by the terrible images which reached us from Brussels on Tuesday,’ said Said Bouharrou, spokesman for the Moroccan Council of Mosques in the Netherlands. ‘Terror group Daesh is abusing Islam in an inhumane way, close to our borders. Terrorists may be able to take our brothers and sisters from us, but they will never take away our freedoms,’ he is quoted as saying by Dutch news agency ANP.

The Netherlands, like many European countries, has ramped up security since Tuesday attacks in which 34 people, including three suicide bombers, have lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan victim of the Brussels attacks was identified as Loubna Lafquiri. A teacher and a mother of three, Loubna Lafquiri was killed in the blast that went off at the Maelbeek metro station.

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