ENDORSING ISLAM? Imam to sail in Amsterdam’s Gay Pride festival

ENDORSING ISLAM? Imam to sail in Amsterdam’s Gay Pride festival
Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, a French Muslim and gay man, will board the World Religion Boat which will represent the religions of the world in the famous canal parade.

Zahed was born in Algeria, and become famous for openly supporting same-sex marriage in France.

In 2010, he founded what the press referred to as ‘the first gay-friendly mosque in Europe’, a centre accommodating people of different beliefs, genders and sexual orientations in the French capital. The opening of the centre was widely condemned by the Muslim community in France.

Zahed will be on board the World Religion Boat along with pastors, priests and rabbis to spread the message that all religions can co-exist in peace, the event promoters said.

“We hope that the World Religion Boat can show that discrimination and prejudice can disappear if we treat each other with respect and love,” Zahed was quoted as saying by the Dutch media.


Moroccan boat at Amsterdam Pride Parade in 2014. © Nisa & Ulli Maier

In 2014, the famous Gay Pride boat parade, which is held annually at the centre of Amsterdam, included a Moroccan boat for the first time.

The organisers behind the Moroccan boat said at the time that they wanted their boat to break the taboos and attract attention to the Moroccan lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders.

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