France: Moroccan kills wife, child, in-laws and himself

France: Moroccan kills wife, child, in-laws and himself

A bloody grim death scene in France where a Moroccan man murdered his wife, his son, his in-laws, and took his own life. 

The murders were committed on Tuesday according to French Media. The bodies of four adults and a 2-year-old child were found in a burnt apartment in Pau, a city in the southwestern part of France.

The father is suspected of having murdered his wife first. She was found tied up in a bath. Her father and his girlfriend were reportedly beaten to death with a hammer, after which the man set fire to the apartment and cut his wrists.

According to the authorities, the woman had an appointment with her lawyer to file for a divorce on that same day. A few days earlier, she had reported domestic violence to the authorities, who then advised her to move in with a friend.

On the day of the murder, she had gone to get her things from the apartment accompanied by her father and his girlfriend.

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