LARAKI: a ‘Made in Morocco’ supercar that fails to thrust its way into the market

LARAKI: a ‘Made in Morocco’ supercar that fails to thrust its way into the market
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A Moroccan supercar…sounds more like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

I learned about Laraki supercars for the first time in a mag article I read sometime in 2014. The article featured dozen concept designs of deluxe high-performance sports cars. The cars were truly stylish and eye-popping. One of these cars, to my utmost surprise, was made in Morocco. (Imagine the thrill!)


If you haven’t heard of Laraki Automobiles or one of their luxurious supercars (or rather concepts of supercars), do not worry, not many of us have. But these cars are out there, and they are produced in Morocco, although I am still figuring out what is Moroccan about them, except for the fact that their owner is Moroccan and decided to label his cars as Moroccan made.

One reason why you might have never heard of these fancy and exciting sports cars is that the price tag attached to them is somewhat too small to accommodate all the zeros in prices like $2,000,000. Another reason why these cars are unknown to many of us is that none of them has actually made it – as of yet – to production. See the link?

Founded in Casablanca in 1999, Laraki Automobiles was once at the top of Morocco’s market as an importer of several car brands. The founder, Mohamed Laraki, was a wealthy Casablanca merchant who had been importing cars in Morocco since 1973. But it was the son, Abdeslam, who decided to take his father’s company on the super lane.


Abdeslam Laraki started out as a designer of luxurious mega yachts, and he is the founder of a mega yachts design company bearing the same name – LARAKI. Having inherited his father’s enthusiasm for cars, Abdeslam followed Automobile Design courses at renowned colleges in Switzerland and France.


Few years after his graduation, Laraki presented his first super sports car concept model to the public at Geneva Motor Show in 2002. The exotic Laraki Fulgura.  A very stylish car with some impressive features. This model car was mounted into the chassis of 1991 Lamborghini Diablo, and was powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. But the car had its own unique identity nonetheless.


Laraki’s second concept model, Borac, was unveiled at the same show 3 years later. Unlike Fulgura, Borac was not based on any existing design, but still utilized a Mercedes engine. A very attractive car indeed.


Laraki Automobiles ceased its operations in 2008 without producing one single car. Yet, the company has been revived (it seems) and their latest attempt at building a high-end vehicle comes in form of the impressive Epitome. Laraki Epitome was revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California in 2013.

With its aggressive look, Laraki Epitome is a truly one of a kind beast. According to super car enthusiasts, Epitome has every potential of becoming a real thing, unlike its predecessors.

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