“Masayiminsh” is at it yet again this year

“Masayiminsh” is at it yet again this year

The group calling itself “Masayiminsh” (We do not fast) has started a new online campaign against “the enforcement of the fast” during Ramadan.

The hashtag #toyouyourreligionandtomemine (in Arabic) has begun to make rounds online, with many using it to call for a change of  article 222 of Morocco’s penal code.

According to the article, “a person commonly known to be Muslim who violates the fast in a public place during Ramadan, without having one of the justifications allowed by Islam [such as travelling or sickness], shall be punished by one to six months in prison,” as well as a fine.

Non-Muslim minorities in the country – such as Jews and foreigners – are hence exempted from the prohibition of eating or drinking in public during Ramadan.

The group, also known as ‘Mali’, has long argued that the article clashes with Morocco’s international obligations and its constitution, which guarantee freedom of conscience, and therefore must be repealed.

The group “does not want to hurt the feelings of Muslims in Morocco, but we want the right to practice our rituals freely”, a campaigner said on the group’s Facebook page.

Article 222 “is clearly an attack on freedom of conscience, which includes the right of everyone to change their religious views, according to their choice, and at any time”, another said.

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