Mohamed Sayem dies in a car accident in Morocco

Mohamed Sayem dies in a car accident in Morocco
Mohamed Sayem

Mohamed Sayem, the coordinator of the Support Center for Dutch Moroccan Remigrants, died Sunday morning in a car accident near the city of Berkane, Moroccan media report.

Mr Sayem was best known as a staunch defender of the rights of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands.

Over that past two years, he fought fiercely against the Dutch government’s decision to reduce to local levels the benefits paid to Dutch Moroccans who have returned to Morocco.

He was closely involved in the negotiations between the governments of the two countries, and strongly denounced the agreement reached between the two countries and which will see the widows’ and orphans’ benefits paid to Dutch Moroccans’ relatives in Morocco cut by 40%.

Mohamed Sayem was also known as a prominent advocate for women’s rights. He was constantly fighting for the right of Moroccan women, especially the women who were left behind in Morocco by their Dutch-Moroccan husbands and girls who were forced to marry.

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