Moroccans spoil Dutch football – Dutch sports analyst

Moroccans spoil Dutch football – Dutch sports analyst
Johan Derksen© ANP

Moroccan players are spoiling amateur Dutch football, according to former Dutch player and sports journalist Gerrit Johan Derksen.

The controversial comments were made by Derksen, 67, on a television show on Monday.

He said that some amateur clubs no longer function or are disappearing because their percentage of players with a Moroccan background is too high.

‘I will be dismissed as a racist but I really don’t give a damn,’ Derksen told the programme.

Moroccan players dominate and the Dutch boys go to other clubs. ‘They don’t want to work with nine Moroccan lads who don’t dare to shower naked,’ he said.

He went on to say there is a problem which the Dutch society is not acknowledging. ‘There is a reason I moved from Gouda [a Dutch city] where lots of Moroccans live,’ he said.

On Tuesday, the football commentator appeared on another television show to talk about his comments with the chairman of the Association of Dutch Moroccans Mr Farid Azarkan.

Farid Azarkan, who is also a football coach of an amateur club in the Netherlands, wanted Derksen to apologise for his statements.

However, Derksen refused to apologise, and went on to state that he would never buy a Moroccan footballer.

If they are good, they disappear for six weeks to play internationally and the club has to pay for that, he said. ‘And then the club also has to pay when they take time off for Ramadan,’ Derksen added.

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