Morocco angry at US Human Rights Report

Morocco angry at US Human Rights Report
Seal of the United States Department of State.By U.S. Government, via Wikimedia Commons

The US State Department’s report on human rights in Morocco is based on “unreliable” and “hostile” sources and is filled with “lies”, the Interior Ministry said.

The report “went from approximation of information to pure and simple invention, from erroneous appreciation to lies,” the Interior Ministry said, quoted by MAP.

The report, which was released on April 13th and which is published country-by-country every year, cited numerous violations of human rights in Morocco, particularly discrimination based on ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as violations of civil liberties.

The report was selective in terms of the information it chose to incorporate, the Interior Minsitry said, adding that the data was obtained from “a few individuals with no credibility, or a handful of Moroccans known for their dislike of the regime.”

Morocco’s Interior Minister, Mohamed Hassad, held a meeting with the US Ambassador to Morocco, Dwight Bush, to discuss the matter.

Mr Hassad said that the country “wants no more evasive responses, but precise case-by-case answers…and that Morocco is prepared to go to the end” to explore “all possible paths” to get to the truth behind the Department’s report.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for US State Department, Mr. John Kirby, maintained that the information in the report on Morocco had been verified, AP reported

He said that the “The Department of State stands by the information contained in the 2015 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Morocco.”


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