Morocco fails to protect its children’s rights – Report

Morocco fails to protect its children’s rights – Report

KidsRights, the international children’s rights foundation, today published its annual KidsRights Index in which Morocco ranked a lowly 74.

The KidsRights Index is a global index which ranks how countries adhere to and are equipped to improve children’s rights.

The 2016 Index ranks 163 countries and is topped by Norway. Runners up in the top ten are Portugal, Iceland, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Finland and Tunisia.

In spite of Morocco’s great advances in children’s rights, in particular concerning education, the current report clearly demonstrates that much work must be done to uphold and to protect the rights of children across the country.

Persisting violations

Sexual abuse, child labour and child marriage are some of the main “noticeable” and “persisting” violations of children’s rights in the country, according to Humanium, an international child sponsorship NGO dedicated to stopping violations of children’s rights throughout the world.

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