Most Moroccan women are dissatisfied with their sexual life – study

Most Moroccan women are dissatisfied with their sexual life – study
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75% of Moroccan married women are dissatisfied with their husbands’ sexual performance, while 46% of Moroccan men suffer from low sex drive, according to a recent study.

The study, which was carried by Ibn Rushd University Medical Center in Casablanca and presented at a seminar in Marrakech last Friday, attempted to investigate whether there is any causal relationship between sexual dissatisfaction and domestic abuse among Moroccans.

While not many details of the specific complaints made by the surveyed women were made known, the researchers made it clear that their general findings demonstrate a clear problem in the population’s sexual life.

According to the researchers, Moroccan men tend to perceive low libido as a loss of their manhood, which often leads to depression, violence and in some cases to suicide.

The researchers called for intensive efforts to raise awareness of the phenomenon and urged individuals who suffer from a low sexual drive or any other sexual dysfunctionality to seek medical assistance and avoid superstitious practices.

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