No more asylum for Moroccan citizen in Germany

No more asylum for Moroccan citizen in Germany

German parliament’s lower house on Friday approved a draft law declaring Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as ‘safe’ countries.

The bill, which still needs final approval by the upper house of the parliament, will allow the German authorities to speed up the processing of asylum applications by citizens from these countries and ease their deportation if they are rejected.

Various human rights groups as well as left-wing political parties in Germany, namely Die Linke and Die Grünen, have criticized the new bill.

There are still “proven and documented human rights violations” in these particular countries, the government commissioner for human rights, Baerbel Kofler told Reuters News Agency.

More than 10,000 Moroccan citizens entered Germany last year, and only 3.7% were granted asylum, according to the German Office for Migration and Refugees.

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