Royal Air Maroc among worst airlines

Royal Air Maroc among worst airlines
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Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s national airline, came fifth in a new report ranking the world’s worst airlines for customer service.

The yearly report by Travel+Leisure rates airlines based on the ability of their staff and crew to handle flight mishaps and how they treat passengers.

“Customer service is one of the few things airlines have total control over”, according to Travel+Leisure, and the poorly trained or apathetic employees is what tarnishes the reputation of these airlines.

In this report, people from across the globe were asked to weigh in on their travel experiences and rank airlines on a number of categories, including cabin comfort, food, value, and customer service.

“I am not a complainer…but this was by far the worst flight experience I have ever [taken].” said one passenger about her flight with Royal Air Maroc. During her flight with Morocco’s national carrier, the passenger reported that her simple request for a tissue was met with “a glare and a shrug” from “a surly crew.”

Have you ever had a bad costumer service experience with Royal Air Maroc? Tell us your story.

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  • Soukie Modern
    January 8, 2017, 6:50 pm

    I too have had several bad experiences. It seems that the airline is not only a commercial airline but they seem to use it as a national airline for Moroccan dignitaries. One time, I am not sure who it was, but tons of police were at the gate to search every person. This delayed the flight by almost 3 hours! Second time, my connecting flight in Paris was moved earlier by over 2 hours making it impossible for me to catch the connection. I had to buy a whole new ticket costing me over $1000. The airline refused to refund the unused connection even though this last minute change was totally their doing because they offered me a much later flight of their choice which did not allow me to catch my connection to Tangier that evening. I turned their offer down because I would have had to get a hotel in Casablanca overnight which would have been expensive and also caused me to greatly change my plans I had booked long in advance the next day in Tangier. Other than that, it may not be the most upgraded dreamliner planes flown but it’s all fairly normal in terms of seating. I have flown business and economy on Air Maroc. Business was nice, the service is very polite and the food is acceptable. On my economy flight my TV was broken. The economy flight was the 3 hour delayed one and I was at my wits end by the time I discovered my TV was not only not working but also would not play the USB loaded with movies and TV shows that I had with me. The reason I seem to keep returning to Air Maroc is they have the easiest connection from America to Morocco (seems to be a wise and shrewd business move on the part of the Moroccan government). With the second terminal opening in Marrakech, I am hoping for more options to get from Los Angeles to Morocco in the future!

    My final complaint are the inconveniences of buying and Air Maroc ticket. One big issue is that if your bag is overweight, after standing in a long line to check in, you have to go all the way to a new line to pay the overage fee, THEN return to the check in line. I have sweated bullets several times fearing I would miss my flight. Secondly, if you buy a ticket in America, you can not upgrade your seat at the airport. This can only be done at the Air Maroc office in New York ahead of time. Getting through to them on the phone is a challenge as well.

    Bottom line is, if you want a convenient and relatively inexpensive flight to Morocco, you are not the kind of person prone to making changes, and you can sleep in any kind of seat…go for it!


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