Spanish surgeon gives hope to tragic Moroccan woman

Spanish surgeon gives hope to tragic Moroccan woman
Samira Benhar & Dr. Pedro CavadasMonica Torres, ATLAS

Moroccan woman, 39, who suffered from a severe face deformity, was given “a new life” after treatment in Spain.

Samira Benhar from Casablanca had suffered from neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic tumour that had damaged her nervous system and caused her face to be severely deformed.

Samira’s condition made her an outcast among her people, according to Spanish media. The mother of two was abandoned by her husband and most of her relatives because of her deformed face. This made her suffer from years of depression and humiliation.

World renowned surgeon, Dr. Pedro Cavadas, has magnificently managed to reconstruct the face of Samira after 3 surgeries and over 13 months of treatment at a hospital in Valencia, Spain.

At the hospital today, Samira shared her story with the press.

Having already recovered her face and a beautiful smile, Samira expressed her “enormous gratitude” for all the parties involved, especially for Dr. Cavadas and his team at the Hospital of Manises in Valencia, as well as for Adra Foundation and the Islamic Cultural Centre of Valencia, who made her treatment and stay in Spain possible.

This is not the first time Dr. Pedro Cavadas has made such an important intervention. The Spanish surgeon is famous for directing many world-pioneering interventions. In 2006, he become the first doctor ever to perform a double hand transplant, and in 2011, he performed another world-first double leg transplant on a 20-year-old male amputee.

Having recovered her face and her beautiful smile, Samira can’t wait to be re-united with her children back in Morocco, with whom she was only able to talk by phone the entire duration of her treatment in Spain.

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