There are large nets in Morocco that turn thin air to drinking water

Photos:Dar Si Hmad

These COOL giant nets harvest Morocco’s fog and change it to drinkable water.

Scarce water and climate change-induced droughts have been destabilized many communities in the regions around Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco’s southwest.

This project, dubbed the ‘CloudFisher’, is made up of huge fog-catching nets that change moisture in the air into fresh water.

According to Dar Si Hmad, the women-led Moroccan NGO behind the project, the system is able to collect up to 6000 litres of clean drinking water per day, changing the lives of the local population.

Our system allows for the independence of Amazigh women in Ait Baamrane by delivering potable water to their households, so the women don’t have to, thereby contributing to their adaptation to climate change.

The nets are set at an altitude of 1,225 meters. They consist of a fine mesh on which fog droplets gather, merge and travel down where they are filtered and sent through pipes to the homes in five villages.

Dar Si Hmad is planning to expand their nets of fog harvesting to other villages in the southern regions of Morocco where water shortages are acute.

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