Top 10 mentions of Morocco in global rankings

Top 10 mentions of Morocco in global rankings
Environmental Performance Index 2016Yale University

If you are expecting this post to be about Morocco being the “the first” or “the best”, then you are going to be seriously disappointed, just like we were while compiling this list.

What this post is going to offer you instead is an overview of the top 10 mentions of Morocco in the international rankings.

Rank 9: Climate Change Performance

Morocco’s outstanding performances in renewable energy and climate change place the country in the 9th place in the ranking of countries making the most progress in addressing climate change (Climate Change Performance Index, 2015). Morocco is poised to become a leader in the shift towards renewable energy, and there are hopes to secure up to 52% of the country’s energy mix from renewable sources by 2030. So expect Morocco moving further up the Climate Change Performance rankings in the coming years.

(Now brace yourself!)

Rank 42: Happy Planet

The latest Happy Planet Index (2012) ranks Morocco at 42 out of 151 countries included in the survey. The Happy Planet Index measures the extent to which countries across the world provide long, happy and sustainable lives for their people based on 3 factors: experienced well-being, life expectancy and impact on the environment. This index measures the happiness of the planet, and it is important not to mistake it with the World Happiness Index which measures personal happiness, and in which Morocco ranks a lowly 90 out of 157 countries (2016).

Rank 52: English Language Proficiency

Morocco is among the non-English speaking countries with very low English proficiency, ranking at 52 out of 70 countries in the latest global ranking of EF English Proficiency (2015). The EF English Proficiency Index is the world’s most comprehensive ranking of countries by adult English skills. It is conducted by the international education and language training company EF Education First. This is bad news for a country whose tourism industry accounts for as much as 20% of GDP, and which plans to further enlarge its tourism sector.

Rank 55: Rule of Law

According to the latest World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index (2015), Morocco is 55th in the world for its rule of law. The Rule of Law Index is released annually and measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday situations by the populations around the world. While some improvements have occurred thanks to the Rule of Law reforms in Morocco over the past decade, there are still substantial challenges that the country needs to overcome. The most serious of these according to the Report are the deficient protection of fundamental rights, corruption, and the impunity of political and security elite.

Rank 62: Food Security

People are going hungry in Morocco according to the latest Global Food Security Index (2015). The country’s persistent issues of food availability, affordability and nutritional quality place it in 62nd among a total of 109 countries in the Report. Global Food Security Index, which is developed by the Economist Intelligence, evaluates the food security condition across the globe on the basis of three factors: affordability, availability and quality. These findings should invite planners and policy makers in Morocco to invest more time and money to address issues like high levels of poverty and poor infrastructure, and devise ways to improve agricultural productivity.

Rank 64: Environmental Performance

Morocco is standing at 64 out 180 countries surveyed in the Environment Performance Index (2016). The Environmental Performance Index ranks countries on how well they perform on high-priority environmental issues. Morocco has made considerable progress on preventing pollution and restoring environmental conditions thanks to solid environmental policies and a number of laws and programmes to protect and conserve the environment in recent years. The Index indicates that more needs to be done though.

Rank 66: Where-to-be-born

Are Moroccan children born lucky? Not quite, according to the latest Where-to-be-born Index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (2013). In the report Morocco occupies the 66th place among 80 countries offering the most prosperous life prospects for children to be born in. The survey takes into account, among other variables, the country’s location, demographics, life expectancy, job security, gender equality, crime rate, quality of health and education as well as political freedom.

Rank 67: Good Country

Morocco is in the 67th place on rankings of countries with the greatest contributions to humanity and the planet, according to results from the Good Country Index (2014). This survey ranks countries by combining data generated by the United Nations, the World Bank and other international institutions. The data is graded across seven categories: science and technology, world order, culture, international peace and Security, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, health and wellbeing. The latter is the area in which Morocco contributed the most.

Rank 72: International Competitiveness

The consistent policy of reforms to improve the country’s economy and integrate it into the global market have placed Morocco 72nd on the global index of the world’s most competitive economies (2016).The World Economic Forum’s annual Index measures up to 12 factors, including infrastructure, education, labour market, technological readiness as well as innovation. Morocco is indeed continuing to make notable progress through introducing efficient procedures for conducting business in the Kingdom, implementing new strategies to attract foreign investment as well as ensuring the competitiveness of its banking sector.

Rank 86: Global Peace

If you are in search of peace, Morocco is not the country where you want to be, if the latest Global Peace Index is anything to go by. The Index, which is conducted annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, measures the peacefulness in each of the surveyed countries based on internal factors such as the levels of domestic violence and crime, and external factors such as the degree of militarisation and involvement in conflicts. The results from the latest Global Peace Index (2015), ranked Morocco 86th out of a total of 162 countries. Morocco’s poor results in categories related to society safety and security is what pushes the country further down the rankings.

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